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Pluvicto® is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-positive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who have been treated with androgen receptor (AR) pathway inhibition and taxane-based chemotherapy or who are not medically suitable for taxanes.2

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Pluvicto® resources

Preview image Pluvicto dosing and administration guide

Pluvicto dosing and administration guide. For Great Britain healthcare professionals only

Key steps and important information you need to know about Pluvicto dosing and administration.



Pluvicto MOA video

A video displaying the mechanism of action of Pluvicto, the first and only licensed PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy (RLT).1,2

VISION trial video

A video discussing the pivotal phase III VISION trial, including trial set-up and design, as well as the results.

Prescribing information for Pluvicto®▼ (lutetium [177Lu] vipivotide tetraxetan) and adverse event reporting details can be found here.

Prescribing information for Locametz®▼ (gozetotide) and adverse event reporting details can be found here.

Preview image Pluvicto leaflet. Download.

For Great Britain only: Pluvicto leaflet

Please note that this material should only be shared with patients for whom the decision to prescribe Pluvicto has already been made.

This downloadable PDF can be shared with your patients who have been prescribed Pluvicto, to provide them with useful information regarding their treatment.

For further information please consult the Pluvicto Package Information Leaflet.




*In VISION, a randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 3 clinical trial (n=831), Pluvicto prolonged overall survival, imaging-based progression-free survival, and maintained quality of life for longer when used alongside best standard of care compared to best standard of care alone.

Alternate primary endpoints: Overall survival was improved by 4 months vs BSoC (HR 0.62, 95% CI, 0.52–0.74; p<0.001), radiographic progression-free survival was improved by 5.3 months vs BSoC (HR 0.40, 99.2% CI, 0.29–0.57; p<0.001).

Secondary endpoint: Quality of life measured as FACT-P total score was maintained by 3.5 months longer vs BSoC (HR 0.54, 95% CI, 0.45–0.66; nominal p-value with non-inferential analysis <0.001), quality of life measured as BPI-SF pain intensity was maintained by 3.7 months more vs BSoC (HR 0.52, 95% CI, 0.43–0.63, nominal p-value with non-inferential analysis <0.001).

AR, androgen receptor; BSoC, best standard of care; BPI-SF, brief pain inventory – short form; FACT-P, functional assessment of cancer therapy – prostate; mCRPC, metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer; PSMA, prostate-specific membrane antigen.


  1. Sartor O, et al. N Engl J Med 2021;385(12):1091–1103.
  2. Pluvicto® Great Britain Summary of Product Characteristics. Available at: [Accessed March 2023].
AAA-PSMA-UK-0268 | March 2023

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