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Advanced Accelerator Applications, a Novartis company, is an innovative medicines company focused on the development of products for targeted radioligand therapy and precision radioligand imaging.

Founded in 2002, by physicist Stefano Buono, who was inspired to pursue medical applications for certain research conducted during his tenure at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, with Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia.

Advanced Accelerator Applications is committed to advancing the science in radioligand therapy, with the aim of identifying enhanced detection and diagnostic approaches and developing innovative treatments that improve patient outcomes.

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Overview of LUTATHERA® (lutetium [177Lu] oxodotreotide)

Advanced Accelerator Applications currently markets one targeted radioligand therapy in oncology (LUTATHERA) and several precision imaging products mainly used in clinical oncology, cardiology, neurology and infectious/inflammatory diseases.



AAA-Lu177-UK-2158 | October 2023

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